B.C. Wounded Warriors/First Responders Foundation


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B.C. Wounded Warriors/First Responders Foundation

Recently formed BC Foundation to benefit all veterans and first responders in our Province

We are a band of brothers and sisters who have joined together with one common goal:

To show and express our heartfelt appreciation to our veterans, reservists, active duty military, and first responders who are challenged by physical and/or mental wounds sustained by active participation in recent or past military conflicts and duties.

​We focus in on those ‘wounded warriors’ who are dealing with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. While the weekend first was started with war vets in mind, it now has grown to include a wide range of participants. RCMP members, members of the military, fire fighters, first responders and Corrections Canada employees are all welcome to take part in the activities of the weekend.

Post-traumatic stress can be debilitating, and can lead to depression and suicide. 

There were a reported 178 Canadian soldier suicides between 2002 and 2014 — 20 more than the number of armed forces members killed in action. While the rate is in line with the general population, it’s believed the common link in many of those deaths is post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Common complaints included excessive fears and anxiety, memories that won’t go away, cold sweats and anger. Even a car backfiring in a peaceful suburban neighbourhood can trigger flashbacks. And enough of these triggers can force the country’s strongest and bravest people to barricade themselves off from the world, their friends, and even their own spouses and children.

But the tide may be turning, as post-traumatic stress, depression and suicide are becoming better studied and less stigmatized.

Talking about it really can help.